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  1. Chris
    Chris cbokman7
    Hey, I'm just wondering if there is a finished explanation for the answers to NBME 18? I only see 9 explanations on that thread. Thanks!
  2. Spring27
    Spring27 cbokman7
    Hey! I was wondering if you were able to find your Uworld notes. I would greatly appreciate if you could post them! Thanks!
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  3. nitro lugard
    nitro lugard
    NBME 4- Scored 252
  4. Mohamed Abobakr
    Mohamed Abobakr cbokman7
    Thanks alot for reply . I wanna ask where could i find the biochemistery book you mentioned in your plan ?! .You said it is awesome in making Bio much easier and clear .
    1. cbokman7
  5. Mohamed Abobakr
    Mohamed Abobakr cbokman7
    Hello , please where are the 50 papers of your UWorld notes . I appreciate your help
    1. cbokman7
      Unfortunately, I have had some trouble finding them. Will keep looking on my computer though! Otherwise, will ask some friends for their notes.
      May 11, 2016
  6. Orion1234
    Orion1234 orthopod
    Hi - i wondered if you had the answers for UW assessment form for step 2 ck please and if so could you kindly post them here - thank you.
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    1. orthopod
      We have not posted the answers to the UWSA as those answers come with the test themselves. However, if you have a specific question you'd like an explanation for, please post the question in the Step 2 thread, and we will answer it for you!
      Apr 24, 2016
  7. cp3mvp2007
    cp3mvp2007 cbokman7

    Sorry for some reason I can't msg you I just read your 260 study plan and I really like it. I was wondering do you still have the 50 page document of your uworld questions? I am presently doing uworld but have been taking notes on my first aid. I have heard of people using world document for uworld notes but haven't seen any online yet. I was wondering could you post it pls. Thank you
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    1. cbokman7
      Most definitely! Will post today!
      Apr 18, 2016
    2. Farah
      Hi, I was wondering if you posted the link to this. Would be super helpful! thank you so much
      Apr 26, 2016
  8. Burul
    Studying USMLE
  9. bituljack