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COMSAE Level 2 Form C

Discussion in 'COMPLEX' started by evidenceBass, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. evidenceBass

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    Jun 27, 2016
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    Hello! There are no threads about the COMLEX so I figured I would get one going. Here are some of the questions I looked up from COMSAE Level 2 Form C (the oldest one). Please correct if I am wrong (unfortunately for the COMSAE there is no way to know if your answers are right or wrong)!

    Pt presents after being referred by his psychotherapist for consideration of pharmacologic management of his anxiety. He has having conflict w/ his immediate supervisor and he alleges a hostile work environment. He says his therapist has advised him to apply for social security disability benefits. You advise him that in order to qualify for these benefits, his diagnosed medical condition must preclude him from engaging in:
    any substantial gainful activity

    21-year-old female fell while rollerblading and now has nasal bleeding and a nasal fracture. Complications from this injury could include airway obstruction and?
    septal necrosis

    A 50-year-old female presents to the office with sharp pain in her mid-thoracic spine. She injured her back while stretching to the right to reach a box on a lower shelf in her closet. She most likely has which of the following somatic dysfunctions?
    neutral, rotated left, sidebent right*

    26-yr male presents to the office complaining of low back pain, which beganwhen he got up out of a recliner after watching television all day. No prior history of back pain. He is unable to stand up straight due to the pain. Screening
    examination reveals a forward bent posture with a left pelvic sideshift. The sacrum is rotated left on a right oblique axis. His right innominate is posteriorly rotated.

    Most likely lumbar somatic dysfunction is?
    L2 FRrSr

    Most appropriate test to confirm the diagnosis is?
    Thomas test (Psoas syndrome)

    Treat his R innominate dysfunction w/ muscle energy w/ him supine. This procedure is performed supine by?
    hanging the right leg off of the table, stabilizing the opposite ASIS, and having him lift his leg up to the ceiling
  2. orthopod

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    May 7, 2015
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    I've noticed that more people are interested in newer versions of the exam, but thanks for your post! I'm not too familiar with the COMLEX, so feel free to continue to post questions and answers. Hopefully more people can chime in.

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