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OLD IMG GRAD SCORED 248. Thanks to Test Pirates

Discussion in 'USMLE Step 2 CK' started by nitro lugard, Jul 2, 2016.

  • by nitro lugard, Jul 2, 2016 at 1:08 PM
  • nitro lugard

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    Mar 23, 2016
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    Its been 11 years since I finished medical school.

    Thanks so much guys. Many thanks to Test Pirates

    You guys have been a source of inspiration to me.

    This is my experience

    NBME 6: 239

    NBME 7: 229

    NBME 3: 227

    NBME 4: 252( 13 days before my test)

    Uworld Assessment: 254 ( 4 days before my test)

    Took test o June 1st; scored 248.

    Praise be to God.

    Materials are KAPLAN VIDEOS and NOTES( VERY VITAL)

    Uworld twice

    Wasted time with KAPLAN Q bank

    MTB 2 ( 6/7 times)

    MTB 3 ( once)

    Please feel free to ask me any question.
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Discussion in 'USMLE Step 2 CK' started by nitro lugard, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. orthopod
    Congrats! Glad to see you earned a score you're happy with. It's important to note here that you're not the first one to mention that Kaplan Q bank didn't help.

    You went through MTB quite a few times. Were you able to look at First Aid at all? What did you think of MTB overall in terms of depth and completeness?

    Also, was it worthwhile to go through UWorld twice?

    Congrats again.
  2. kuntz
    Hello guys ,, an old IMG....needs head up on materials for step 2 CK.,
    Beckers lectures or kaplan? And which year notes..
    Many thanks
  3. rotatory
    Personally i really recommend doing UWORLD and Master the boards 2-3 that should be enough. you can read your specific weak points AFTER doing UW. That is my opinion though.
  4. kuntz
    I'm pretty rusty . Please which year kaplan videos and books did u use..is there a recent release.
    I'm hoping the ones I've got aren't outdated. I learnt Uworld and mtb are sufficient but since am an old IMG, I'd prefer to awaken the memory with some up to date videos and books
    I'd appreciate any advise.
  5. kuntz
    Thanks.. I won't mind adding videos lectures. Old IMG and rusty would u recommend any
  6. rotatory
    i dont think video lectures or books could be outdated quickly. especially if you use them just for a quick warm up, and support with recent UW and MTB. I would use what ever i could find/afford. Do all of the NBME s.
  7. Stephanie
    Hi guys don't mean to piggy back off this comment. But I'm currently an IMG student at a not very strong school. And would like advice on how to tackle on STEP. I'm currently in beginning of my 2nd year.

    At the moment, I have been working on firecracker daily and of course following First Aid with my course work not to mention the USMLE content outline just to make sure i dont miss anything.

    My school is by semester and by the end of MED 2 they have a NBME exam which is customized by the school. So in other words i need at least a 215 by the end of this year. Any advice or help would be really appreciated.

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