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Quick tips to raise your SAT score

Discussion in 'SAT' started by testmaster, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. testmaster

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    Mar 31, 2016
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    #1 testmaster, Mar 31, 2016
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    I've come across a bunch of advice as I study, and wanted to share some here. Add more if any come to mind!

    - ONLY use tests made by The College Board (TCB)! Do not use the tests by Kaplan, TPR, Barron's, or anyone else. This is mostly because the structure and style of question will be different. TCB is the real thing, so use that only
    - caveat: this doesn't go to say TPR or Kaplan are useless. Use them to learn more about writing/reading/math, but just avoid the tests.

    - Best practice tests: blue book-10 tests, Online SAT Course from TCB, PSATS (find them on Amazon), and FIND OTHER SAT tests online. Use the power of Google to find them. This forum has links for a bunch!

    - Don't waste time with the Economist or NYT or other nonsense. I think this just wastes time you could spend really learning vocab, working passages, and practicing your critical reading. If you area already at a 700+ and want to shoot for that 760+, then maybe The New Yorker isn't a bad option. Otherwise, I don't find it that much more useful. People use the LSAT CR stuff, but I haven't use it yet, so I can't comment on it.

    - Timing is critical!!! This is very important, I think you really need to practice your timing. If you are starting to study as a freshman/soph, then maybe work through questions untimed, but I highly urge you to pay attention to time once you have a solid foundation.

    That's all I can think of for now, but we can add more as they come to mind. Good luck!

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